November 2012 GCBA Meeting

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We had a cold crisp day for our November meeting, bringing out 19 members.

We were pleased to welcome back Larry Ealy of Flame Craft Forge in Fife Lake, MI. It seems Larry comes South with the ducks in winter.

The hammer made by Brian Brazeal and Lyle Wynn at the workshop was auctioned off. Rene’ Martin was the successful bidder at $250. He also took home several items from Iron in the Hat. We thank Rene’ for this contribution to the Scholarship Fund. Iron in the Hat delivered $55 to the treasury.

Jay Barksdale worked on making shovel blanks with Buddy’s jig. He got two usable shovels in spite of several guys putting in their two cents.

Our next demonstration will be at the Crosby Arboretum on January 26. Please let Chuck know if you will participate.

Because of the above forge day, the January meeting will be moved up to January 19. Please pass the word to anyone you may see as many members do not have computers.

The annual Forging on the River Conference will be on April 5-7, 2013 at the Metals Museum in Memphis, TN. Larry House and Tom Walker are planning to attend. If you are interested, contact them for details.

There will be an ABANA Mini Conference in Georgia in March. Actual dates and details later.

Keep the forge lit.

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