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Sea Robin Forge DVD

The Making of a Bladesmithing Anvil is now available.

$20 plus $5 for shipping.

Contact Chuck Robinson
(601) 798-0060

Coal For Sale

John Perilloux has blacksmith coal for sale.  This is Pocahontas #3 West Virginia Coal selected by Buddy Leonard for its low sulfur, low ash, and high BTUs.

$20.00 / 50# sack

Give John a call at (985) 542-4346.

Bronze Casting

I have just reviewed the new Bronze Casting Manual, written by Olivier Duhamel of New Zealand.  It is an excellent entry-level manual for folks who would like to try bronze lost wax casting of small projects and keep the start up costs to a minimum.

Oliver also provides U.S. and worldwide sources and prices for all required materials.  I strongly recommend that you check out his web site.


Louisiana Pride Grist Mill
Stone Ground Corn Meal
Stone Ground Grits & Polenta
Stone Ground Corn Flour


GCBA Advertising Policies

Advertising on this page is open to all GCBA members and other blacksmiths who would like to offer their work for sale.  All products and services must be related to and appropriate to blacksmithing.

Ads in our Gulf Breeze newsletter will also be included here at no additional charge.  Vendors of blacksmithing products and services are also welcomed to submit ad requests.

GCBA reserves the right to refuse any advertisement, and cannot responsible for the accuracy of advertisements on this page, the ongoing availability of products advertised, or the performance of an advertiser.  Before your ad is published, you will be notified by email to review and approve an online draft of the ad to verify accuracy.

Ad requests may be submitted by email, or by mailing a written request to GCBA Website Ads, 83 OK Ave, Harahan LA 70123.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Optional URL link a website page where images and details of your product may be available
  • Advertisement copy (text only; HTML ads are not supported)
  • Pricing (optional)
  • You may request a photo placement with your ad.  Include a URL to the photo if it is accessible online.  Otherwise, email your photos separately to

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