Buddy shows proper hammer control

Buddy Leonard Demonstrating Hammer Control

The Gulf Coast Blacksmith Association has been serving the blacksmith and metal artist community since May 1999. GCBA specializes in teaching and sharing information about traditional blacksmithing and metal work. We are an affiliate of ABANA.

Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our organization. We invite you to browse around the site. If you have comments or questions you may type them in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of the page. Or, go to the Contacts page for complete information. The Membership Application can be found here.

GCBA meetings are usually held on the fourth Saturday (formally Sunday) of every month (except December) at the shop of John Perilloux. Please check the EVENTS tab for meeting information.

Tenon Demonstration with a Guillotine Tool – Part 1:

To see more videos of the tenon demonstration from the October meeting, click here.

On our Events page you will find upcoming blacksmithing events and demonstrations, and reports on recent events.

Tammy forging her leaf

Tom Walker Teaching Tammy to Forge a Leaf

On our News page you can easily scroll down through all current GCBA news postings.

On our Gallery page you will find examples of our member’s work varying from the most simple hooks to working tools and items of art. Included are photos of events where our members have demonstrated our craft and a growing set of mug shots of all of our members.

On our Projects page you will find How To instructions and Tips of all kinds, as well a links to interesting online sources of information and demonstrations.

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Decorative Blacksmithing

On our Library pages you will find a listing of online videos, DVDs and video tapes covering a host of subjects. These can be rented at reasonable cost to all members.

If you can’t find what you want in our Library try our Links page which will send you directly to the websites of the numerous Organizations, Affiliates and Suppliers.

On our Market page you will find sources for blacksmith materials, tools and other products of our members and related sources. We will appreciate your contacting them for your needs.

Whether you are a novice or experienced smith we invite you to join us to learn or to pass on the skills of the trade!

Our ABANA page includes links to current ABANA News Topics and sections of the ABANA website most relevant to GCBA members.

For more information and a GCBA Membership Application go to our Contacts page.


Classic GCBA Logo & Mascot

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