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Upcoming August 28, 2021 GCBA Meeting

The August 2021 meeting will be at our new alternate meeting location, The Old Farmers Market in Hammond, on the 28th. The address is below. There will be a couple changes to how the meeting is set up at this site. We will not be serving the usual lunch, as there are food vendors on site who would like to have our business. There are several options if you wish to eat on site, or wait until after the meeting.

The farmer’s market closes at noon, so the meeting will run from 8 am to noon, when at this site. We will still provide drinks and water as usual, so everyone can stay hydrated. The area we are in will not have shade, if you have a portable pavilion please bring it. GCBA will consider getting something for this purpose for the future. The club forges will be there as well, we just may need help with tear-down afterwards.

The Old Farmer’s Market, 103 E. Robert St., Hammond, LA

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