April 2012 GCBA Meeting

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We were pleased to have 22 members and one guest at our March Meeting (rescheduled to April 1). All the forges were fired up and lots of work was in progress throughout the day. We welcome our newest member, Tim Guidry.

Our guest, Larry Ealy from Fife Lake, Michigan, came for the second time. He operates as Flame Craft Forge in Fife Lake. He has been visiting with his daughters in the area and will soon be returning to his home base. Larry displayed some of his work and spoke about a book he is compiling called Napkin Sketches. He hopes to have a few copies available at our next meeting.

Sid Gale took orders for new T shirts and caps and expects to have them for our April 29 th meeting. They will be available in both grey and black with the GCBA logo on the back. Grey shirts will have a front pocket.

Larry House reported that Fire in the Swamp was better than last year. There were five forges at work along with the ceramics and iron pour. Iron was poured in 30 molds of various types and detail. Some Repoussé work was done on copper sheat.

All were again invited to participate or attend Artmania the weekend of April 21 and 22nd. This event is in Washington, La., and attracts many crafts and demonstrators from across Louisiana. All booth fees are donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis.

It was suggested that we plan for a Workshop by Brian Brazeal to be scheduled in October or November. Sid will be checking with Brian as to his open dates and willreport at the next meeting.

Iron in the Hat provided $71.00 for our Education Fund.

Since we had our last meeting on April 1, the next meeting date will be moved to April 29, 2012.

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