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Peter Ross’ Keynote Address at the 1998 ABANA Conference: The Emergence of “Machine Mentality” over “Hand Mentality”

Ornamental Chasing And Repoussé: The Magic of Sculpting in Metal

The Legend of The Iron Worker and King Solomon

Blacksmithing in Paintings, Sketches and Photos

Pearl Fryar Topiary & Sculpture Garden, Bishopsville, SC

Antique Fire Pot Restoration

The Village BlacksmithAluminum Bronze Casting of a Knife Handle

French Firescreen

The Village Blacksmith

Anvil’s Away!

How to Shoot an Anvil 200 Feet in the Air

Craftpersons Profile of Larry House in the Folklife & Folk Artist Directory of the Mississippi Arts Commission

Artist Biography of William “Buddy” Leonard at the Louisiana Folklife Center

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