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Member Demonstration Events

Fire in the Swamp, March 2012

Aboretum Forge Day January 2012

Phil Love Demonstrates at Metairie School

Celtic Festival 2011

Bush Tractor Pull 2011

Scottish Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival, Nov 2010

Boy Scouts Celebrate 100 Years, Oct 2010

Blacksmithing at Picayune Arboretum 2010

Tim Lemier at work

Scottish Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival 2009

Jousting Contest
Sheep Herding
Sword Fighting
Other Events

George Ohr Festival of Arts 2009

Dennis Rohner at Klein’s Pumpkin Patch

Poplarville Tractor Show

Alligator Alley , LOPA Picnic

Dennis Rohner’s work and pics of Klein Rodeo

Blacksmithing Day at the Arboretum 2009

George Ohr Festival of Arts 2008

Celtic Festival 2008

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