March 2011 Meeting at Fire in the Swamp

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As agreed by a membership vote, the March 27 meeting was held at the Fire in the Swamp event at Larry House’s forge. There were about 20 members in attendance at the time of our brief business meeting.

At our last meeting it was announced that GCBA has adopted the ABANA Controlled Hand Forging program of Forging Fundamentals for our beginner members. This program of 26 Lessons will be taught at our meetings and on our outside forges during regular meetings. Wayne Cash demonstrated Lesson 1 at this meeting covering Drawing Out which entails making a taper on a bar to a specified shape. Complete information and list of lessons is available on the ABANA site. We urge all members to avail themselves of this program and volunteer to demonstrate one lesson at a meeting.

Tom Walker and Chuck Averett had their forges going. Chuck had a friend making a knife and finding out that thin sections can heat up and burn off pretty quickly — a lesson we have all learned at some time.

Tom Walker and Paul Tuger worked on loading up a cupola and making an iron pour. Scrap iron was obtained by breaking up old heaters and pipe. Several castings were made including two directly on the ground.

Other artists working and showing their products were:

The winner of the drawing for the tool box was Ben Boerner who was helping the potter. It looks like we will be getting a new member as he wants to learn what to do with all those tools he now owns!

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