April 2011 GCBA Meeting

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GCBA enjoyed a beautiful day at our May 1 meeting at Buddy’s shop.

Larry House reported a successful two-day Fire in the Swamp. He and John Perilloux managed a perfectly executed iron pour on Sunday. They made several box molds and pours directly in the ground, including a large iron cross.

Our newest member, Ben Boerner, winner of the tool box raffle, came to sign up and watch some work at the forge.

Chuck Robinson demonstrated his process for fitting a handle on tapered hidden tang blades. He included the use of a 4-flute carbide reamer to shave the annealed tang as a Japanese blade smith would use his “Sen”. This is a tool used to plane the annealed steel on the blade much as a spoke shave shaves wood. In the accompanying photos you can also see the use of a silver guard and a special jig for grinding the guard to thickness. Also shown is a special tool for cutting out the slot in the handle.

Norbert Delph returned a rebuilt blower for an annex forge so we will have all forges ready to run for the next meeting.

New Business

You are reminded that our Annual Elections will be held at our next meeting, May 29. Please be prepared to make nominations for President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer as well as board members. It would be best to have the permission of anyone you wish to place in nomination.

Demonstrations coming up in the fall include:

  • George Ohr Festival, Sat-Sun October 1st & 2nd.
  • Bush Tractor Pull, Sat November 5
  • 26th Annual Scottish Games and Celtic Festival, Sat-Sun November 12th & 13th

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