GCBA Update

Watch our GCBA demonstrators do their magic at the recent 25th Scottish Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival, including medieval costumes, jousting, sword fights and a dog show.

Check out our gallery of the October 2012 Meeting where Buddy Leonard resumed training, the annex doors were finished and several members showcased their amazing art work.

See the GCBA Demo Team in action at the Centennial Celebration of Scouting in America. Several thousand scouts and their families attended and kept our demonstrators busy.

We recently added drop-down menus to all of the main menu selections on the GCBA website. Each subsection of the site is now accessible directly from the main menu. Mouse over the main menu links to see the new drop-downs.

Join us at our next meeting on Saturday, January 25 at The Crosby Aboretum. Please bring items for Iron in the Hat and samples of your work for Show and Tell. We can all learn by sharing ideas.

We recently added a dedicated ABANA page to the GCBA website. It includes links to current ABANA News Topics and sections of the ABANA website most relevant to GCBA members. Check it out!

Update your personal calendar now with our Monthly Meeting Schedule for the first half of 2013.

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