Celtic Festival 2010

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GCBA was again invited to demonstrate at this year’s Scottish Highland Games and Celtic Music Festival, the 25th year for this event. Gulf Coast Blacksmiths have been demonstrating at this Festival for many years.

On Saturday six members set up and demonstrated from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. Chuck Robinson had his table full of knives which always draws a crowd. Tom Walker, sporting period attire, had his forge going and a table full of product watched over by his wife Sheila and his daughter Laramie, also in period dress.

Sid Gale, using Tom’s forge, worked on changing a horse rasp into a snake. Phil Love also had a table of items for sale. He and Norbert Delph added to the mix while engaging visitors with explanations and invitations to join our group.  At one point, a lady would not approach the table because of the “snake” being there. We had to remove it before she would approach to purchase one of Phil’s oil lamps.

We gave out four print-outs from our About page to prospective members. With the interest being shown we will have to bring more to our next demonstration.

Tim LeMien had his Antique Firepot working which drew lots of interest from the fair goers.

On Sunday Edgar Gable joined our demonstrators with Chuck, Tom, Phil and Tim returning. Crowds were about half of the Saturday attendance.

Sheila Walker and Brenda Robinson entered their dogs in the dog show. Unfortunately, neither won a ribbon.

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