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In Print

Chuck Robinson's hand built all-terraine crane

Free Online Blacksmith Affiliates Newsletters

Artist Blacksmith Group of Tidewater: Hampton Roads Hammers

Balcones Forge Newsletter: Blacksmiths of Central Texas

Blacksmith Association of Missouri: BAM newsletter

Blacksmiths’ Guild of the Potomac, Inc. Newsletter

Blacksmith Guild of Virginia

Central States Metal Artisan Newsletter

Florida Artist Blacksmith Association: The Florida Clinker Breaker newsletter

New Jersey Blacksmith Association: NJBA Newsletter

Old Dominion Blacksmith Association Monthly Newsletter

Southwest Artist-Blacksmith Association: Pounders Press newsletter

Tidewater Blacksmith’s Guild Newsletter

Western Reserve Artist Blacksmith Association: Tales of the Western Reserve

Vancouver Island Blacksmith’s Association: The Forge newsletter


Free Online Blacksmithing Books

Basic Blacksmithing:  An introduction to toolmaking with locally available materials

Rural Craft Publications
Herefordshire College of Technology, Herefordshire, England

        Free PDFs Courtesy of Artisan Ideas!

The Blacksmith’s Craft

The Blacksmith’s Manual Illustrated

Wrought Ironwork: A Manual of Instruction for Craftsmen

Catalogue of Drawings: Wrought Ironwork Gates

Catalogue of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork

Catalogue of Drawings: Weathervanes

Decorative Ironwork

Metals for Engineering Craftsmen


Free Online Blacksmithing Articles

Steve Bloom of the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association has created an extraordinary archive of articles of blacksmithing projects and tips from association newsletters and other sources.  It may be the most comprehensive archive of blacksmithing articles in existence.


Blacksmithing Magazines, Publications and Publishers

Anvil Magazine

Artisan Ideas

Astragal Press

Blacksmith’s Gazette editor Fred Holder

Blacksmith’s Journal

Forging Magazine a Penton Publication

Wrought Iron News

Lindsay Technical Books

Metal Web News

Skipjack Press – See Astragal Press

Welding Theory and Application, Army Manual TC 9-237

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