June 2010 GCBA Meeting

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(Photos are not available for this meeting.)

There were 28 members and several guests in attendance. We also added a new member—David Smith of Denham Springs, LA.

Larry House gave a report on his and Tom Walker’s experiences at the ABANA 2010 Conference. He spoke of the need for our members to join and support the new team at ABANA. Norbert Delph had also attended the Conference and all spoke of the experience being well worth the trip.

Wayne Cash had attended the Brian Brazeal Workshop at the Mississippi Forge Council Conference. Wayne demonstrated working a horseshoe into a heart shape. Chuck Robinson demonstrated how use a tool steel punch to make a rectangular hole in knife guards. Gary Ford showed the finished knife handle he put together at the May meeting.

Members had several forges working in the back including Kevin Bently, one of our youngest, trying his hand at an animal head. There were some good items on the Iron in The Hat table and the drawing netted $120 for the scholarship fund.

Norbert finished off the day fitting a handle to one of the shovel blanks that Buddy Leonard provided. Now the “Back” won’t have to come and get the shovel from the inside forge. There are more blanks available. Lets see who can make the best handle at the next meeting

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