July 2010 GCBA Meeting

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Our meeting on Sunday July 25 was well attended with 26 members and 9 guests. We were pleased to welcome Evan Morrill, an airman stationed at Keesler AAFB and three of his fellow airmen. Evan’s father is a Blacksmith in Colrain, MA. We could tell Evan knew his way around a forge and anvil as he got right to work in the back making a leaf. We think he may have been trying to impress his buddies as we were.

Of our nine guests, five became new members. They are: George Fontenot, Sissco Fontenot, Lawrence Mullinax, Martha Newell and Tammy Houghton who is Wayne Cash’s daughter.

We were happy to greet Sherry Oyler on a rare visit as she is spending some summer time house sitting in Orange Beach, Fl. Sherry lives in Albuquerque now and doesn’t get this close very often.

Tom Walker gave us an excellent demonstration of making leaves. The first was of the kind usually found on the handle end of a tool. The second as cut from copper sheet with shaped chisels and formed on a wood block and the anvil. Tom later helped Tammy Houghton work on her own leaf.

Iron-in-The-Hat earned us $100.00 for the scholarship fund. The fund is building nicely and all we need is someone to step forward and make use of it.

In place of a demonstration at our August 22 meeting, work will begin to fabricate new doors for our back shop. This will continue to our future meetings till the work is completed.

Chuck reported that the Board of Directors is looking for feedback from the membership as to the preference for a conference or a workshop in the coming months or next year. A workshop may be more affordable since we do not seem to be able to attract attendance from other affiliates.

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