January 2012 GCBA Meeting

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A beautiful day at Buddy’s Leonard’s Forge gave us a total of 31 members and guests for our first meeting of 2012.

We were pleased to welcome Lyle Wynn from the Mississippi Forge Council who brought along Brian Brazeal. Brian gave us a demonstration of basic hammer control which kept many members focused on the anvil for an hour. Included were processes for starting tongs and horse heads using his 4 lb hammer. We thank him and Lyle for taking the time to attend our meeting.

Larry House advised that at the recent board meeting it was determined that the present way of handling the video rentals is not working well. It will be necessary to go back to charging for each use as too many cassettes are not being returned.

Chuck showed the new First Aid Kit assembled of items most useful for our type of exposure to accidents. We plan to have a certified instructor in first aid make a presentation in the use of the kit.

Buddy Leonard advised that he has a new supply of coal available. It is Pocahontas #3 from West Virginia. Due to the increased cost of coal and shipping, the price will be $40.00 per 100 lb. sack.

Iron in the Hat provided an additional $137.00 to our treasury for our Scholarship Fund. Please be on the alert for classes or conferences you would like to attend and submit your application for a scholarship. The only requirement is that you demonstrate something you learned at a meeting upon your return.

Our next meeting is February 26. Please bring something for Iron in the Hat.

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