August 2011 GCBA Meeting

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Our August meeting brought out 25 members and guests. Of this number, six became new members—several of which came to us through our website.

We are pleased to welcome six new members: Tom Stiegler, Caleb Stiegler, Melinda McElveen and Lyndon, Daniel and Jacob Cutler. New member buckets were quickly put to use in the back with Sid Gale, Larry House, Garey Ford and Jacob Davis helping them get started pounding iron. Our guests were Anthony McElveen, Cheryl Stiegler, Tony Lillis and Russ Forshag.

Chuck reported that he was contacted by Mr. Donald Barker, the Prime Warden of The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths, London (incorporated 1571). Mr. Barker inquired about the source of a certain picture he had discovered on  our website. They wished to use it as a Christmas card and wanted to know it’s source. Dan Delph did some research and discovered it was from a German medieval manuscript called the Codex Manesse, circa 1340. You can see this picture and more  Blacksmith-themed art on our site in Gallery > Discoveries > Blacksmithing in Paintings, Sketches and Photos.

Sid reported that our Education Fund has grown nicely and we can afford to award a Scholarship this year. If you’re interested, please contact Sid Gale with your plan.

Norbert Delph installed a new valve on the cold water fountain replacing one which froze last winter.

It was a slow day for Iron-in-the Hat, with just a few items donated. We managed $43.00 for the items on the table.

We look forward to a cooler day for our September 25 meeting. Lets have a better showing for Iron-in-the-Hat.

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