August 2010 GCBA Meeting

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There were 21 members in attendance at our August 22 meeting. Debra Davis, a local farrier, visited us and helped Tammy Houghton with some instruction.

We have two new members, Annalise and Eric Dillard. Welcome!

Jerry Baker, President of the Louisiana Metalsmiths Association (LAMA), came and spoke to our members encouraging all to become members of ABANA. He also mentioned plans in the works for an event in April 2011. This would be a showing of various Fire Arts including iron and glass. He promises more information as plans go forward.

Iron in the Hat provided an additional $98 for our Scholarship Fund.

Work on the doors for the back shop produced the frames for the North side. These were mounted on hinges and will be covered with roofing sheets at the next meeting and frames for the South side an back will continue at our future meetings.

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